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Posted by Jeff S from Knoxville, TN on July 19, 2020

I recently Purchased the Rest Bed from The Bed Store in February 2020. From the beginning to present it has been a complete nightmare. I was explained that it would take about a week for the bed to get in and then they would schedule an appointment for delivery. Almost 2 weeks went by and i have not heard anything so i inquired about it and Josh, that was the salesman, assured me it would be here in a few days and that we could schedule for delivery. Unfortunately I had to wait another week for this due to my work schedule. It was scheduled and I made arrangements to be off of work to be at home for the delivery. Time came and past and it was a no show. I called Josh to see if they were coming with the bed and after being placed on a brief hold he explained that they didn't have the bed and that Rest had not even sent it out yet. I received no prior calls or any contacts whatsoever concerning this. I expressed my concern to Josh that from my experience in the past when circumstances like this have taken place it usually gets worse and I was considering pulling out of the agreement. (I wish I did) He assured me that that’s not the case with the company and he had Kevin the manager to call me concerning my concerns. Kevin called and smoothed things over. I must say that Kevin is why I decided to go to The Bed Store because of a mutual friend recommended him. ( What a mistake). This is why I decided to move forward with my purchase because I trusted him. On the next delivery date they did show up and my wife was here at the time. During the set up they had problems with one of the mattresses filling up. (For those who don't know a rest bed has air chambers that operates from pumps and a app. I purchased a split Cali King bed so it has 2 mattresses.) They finally got it filled and then they had trouble connecting the apps to operate the beds. They worked on it a couple of hours but ended up leaving without it correctly connected. CONT NEXT POST

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    It worked good for few days then we would loose contact. This went on for a couple of weeks and finally I was frustrated and called Josh to let him know what I had been dealing with. Josh got Rest to contact me to work on the problem. It was helpful for a few days but then it still would not stay connected. Then they decided to send me there new pumps and 2 Samsung pads to operate the system instead of our phones.( Now I must interject that this was taking place during the shut down due to the pandemic so everything was delayed a little. I also had the conversation with Josh that I was concerned about my 90 day trial period. Josh assured me that it would be extended giving the shut down and the trouble that we have had and really hadn't been able to see if we liked the bed or not. The Bed Stores policy is that you have 90 day trial and if you do not like the bed then you can replace it with another mattress and if it’s at lesser cost you will receive a credit). Shortly I received the new pumps and pads It was fairly easy to hook up and the system appeared to be fixed. This lasted for about a month then i started having the problems again. I worked with it for the next week or so but did not have any success. I then contacted rest (Sarah which is who had been helping me from Rest). I explained that I'm totally frustrated with the bed and wanted a refund. She did want me to try a few other thing to help connect the bed but i explained to her it was time to move on. I'm afraid that if i keep trying this and trying that and it may work for a few days, week and then I have more problems then I'm eventually going to be stuck with the bed dealing with this problem the whole time. CONT. NEXT POST

    By: Jeff S of Knoxville, TN on July 19, 2020

    She had me try a few other thing to get it to work but with no success. She then contacted Kevin at the The Bed Store and he was to follow up with me the following day, which he didn't. That was on a Monday and I gave it the whole week and never heard anything. I contacted Sarah again and she explained that she had discussed certain options that they could do to support The Bed Store dealing with this issue of mine. She said she would contact him again. I waited almost another week and finally he called but due to work I was unable to talk with him. He said he would call back the next day which he didn’t. Finally the following week I contacted him and we had the discussion concerning my bed. I explained where I was at and that I was requesting a refund and he said he would have to contact the owner and get back with me. He called me the next day or 2 and explained that they were not going to do anything and that it was past 90 day period. I mentioned that Sarah from Rest mentioned that they gave him some options from their company and he said it didn't matter and that they were not going to do anything. I said the bed has never worked on a consistent basis and he said just to contact Rest and that it was not The Bed stores problem. I said i will go to social media about this and he said go for it and i mentioned small claims court and his reply was, we will be there.

    This has to be one of the worst companies that I have ever dealt with. look at their reviews and you will see a lot of positive and why wouldn't they be from customers that didn't have any problems. However if you keep searching find the ones that did have a problem and you will see that they took care of it or should i say didn't take care of it like they did with me. The not so good reviews will tell the tale.

    By: Jeff S of Knoxville, TN on July 19, 2020

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