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  • Selection: Fair
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  • Service: Very poor
Customer Service
Issue Resolution

Posted by Niklas from Rancho Cordova, CA on July 19, 2018

The worst customer support I ever experienced in my life!

I have never been treated so poorly by any company before. We spent 7,000 bucks to buy a completely new bed and mattresses and we needed to change the firmness in the mattress. I was yelled by the old little lady on the phone. I wrote them an email and called them again no one would help. It is 4 AM now when I write this review because my back hurts so much!!!

They get your money then they throw you out of the door and slam the door in your face.

NEVER Becks again! We rather pay the double and get better products and support by Mattress Firm or someone else more loyal to their clients.

Every day I loose sleep, my back and legs hurt to the level I've been visiting my doctor, and Beck's will not care to help out! They want you to pay another 7,000 bucks to buy NEW stuff!!!! Can you believe that??

This company is completely despicable! If this will be the mission in my life to try and let people know about them and go elsewhere then so be it. But I won't let someone steal 7,000 bucks off me again!

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