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Posted by Jennifer from Etowah, TN on July 30, 2016

Tim & his employee were closing up when we walked up; the lights had already even been turned off. Allowing his employee to leave still, Tim reopened the store. We desperately needed a new bed & this was the final day if the sale. He was patient in helping us chose a mattress set & made sure I laid on our choice for a good 15 minutes. Final purchase went smoothly, but we had wait to pick up the mattress set. When we did finally get it, we both slept like babies for the first few nights. In the 4th night I awoke with extreme pain & every morning since then I've woke up in pain. I called the store & they said on the 30 day mark I can bring it back to return it. So far, even the return seems easy & smooth. The people at this store are great.

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