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Lie to make the sale, then stick you w/ 30% restocking fee

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Delivery Service

Posted by Ariana from Woodbridge, VA on March 31, 2019

I should have known better after it took months to get all of our dining set pieces 3 years ago, but I thought that was just incompetence. Now I believe Ashley HomeStore intentionally lies to make the sale, because the customer is then trapped by a 30% restocking fee. My story is a warning to all potential customers.

This time, as we are about to move to Alaska where furniture will be much more expensive, we bought a sofa bed and a bedroom set. (We were very reluctant to go back to Ashley, but really could find no better balance of quality and price and delivery time, after hunting through 5 other stores.) The salesman, Robert, assured us multiple times that it could be delivered that Saturday, just before our house started to be shown for sale. It even stated the date, March 30th, on our receipt. He said only one piece of the bed frame was not in the distribution warehouse but would arrive there Friday. Late on the 29th, I called because no one had yet called me to choose a delivery time slot (as I was told would be done). I was informed I was scheduled for delivery April 3rd, because several pieces were still not in the warehouse. The trouble is, we are on a VERY tight schedule of traveling, showing/selling our house, and moving, which is why we asked MULTIPLE TIMES to be certain March 30th would work for delivery, we could get the new furniture set up, and get rid of our broken old bed frame in the trash before we left on our trip.

I was directed to call the Woodbridge store where we purchased the items to try to clear things up. As I was asking for at least some sort of discount for the misinformation and trouble, I was escalated to a manager, Nasser. He tried to tell me it was a miscommunication, that the salesman must have thought we just required ANY Saturday delivery, not THAT Saturday. I pointed out our receipt said THAT Saturday. Then I pointed out we will be out of town; I will be home ONE day in April that I am not working, and I have errands to do that day. I told him we just wanted to cancel the

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