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dont shop at ashley

  • Selection: Very poor
  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor
Customer Service
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Posted by patrick from Springfield, VA on August 29, 2021

Ashley does not meet expectations for professionalism, timely delivery, customer service and honesty. From a very frustrated customer, do not shop there, buy there or expect any of the following above. My family purchased two bedroom sets on May 14 and when we purchased our two bedroom sets, we were guaranteed that they will be delivered the week of June 26. As we were moving to a new house, THIS WAS IMPORTANT TO US. Upon arriving at this date, it took 5 phone calls to talk to someone. This is important as we were moving to a new house. The week of June 26, we were told that they would not be delivered and we would have to wait until Sept. 3. The parts of the order that did arrive, there was a dresser not assembled properly, still waiting for that to be fixed and a headboard for our youngest child is now backorders and wont be here until THANKSGIVING. There has been lies, deceptions, lack of communication, unyielding refund policy. Now, there phone system doesn’t work, computers are offline and our salesperson is not there for two weeks. I should be able to get a full refund when I was guaranteed delivery on June 26 and it will be 5 months late. 6 MONTHS OF WAITING, meanwhile my youngest child HAS NO BED.
We bought some of our other furniture from Value City, go there, great communication, customer service and THEY DELIVER ON TIME FOR WHAT THEY PROMISE. Now you will probably see a response from Ashley, oh we are sorry, we will call you, unless you can solve this problem, solve it, I will continue to post reviews, Have a nice day all shoppers and pass on Ashley.

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