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Buyer Beware

  • Selection: Very poor
  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor
Staff was courteous but not well trained
Did not inform us of sag problem with our mattress selection
Issue Resolution
Product Information

Posted by Susan H from Spartanburg, SC on November 28, 2010

I have contacted the retailer and the help from anyone. The local store did send someone out to check on the sag problem on both sides of the bed. The technician was very polite and courteous. The sage after 21 days was only 1" and neither the store or the manufacture, S&F will do anything unless it exceeds 1.5" We were not informed this was a potential problem or we would have purchased another line. We spend $1699 for a bedding set that I am ashamed to take family or friends into to see because the sag shows even when the bed is made. Shame on us for not making a better product in the USA!

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