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Worst customer service EVER

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  • Expertise: Fair
  • Service: Very poor
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Posted by Rupesh from Minneapolis, MN on September 25, 2017

I would give zero stars but that is not an option. Products are nice however I cannot say that about Their management and employees customer service. I was hung up on by the manager and was rudely spoken to by the receptionist. I had issues with a dresser in which I received 2 damaged ones and was dealing with the issue for over a month. 2 time I received the damaged dresser, I was thoroughly upset and had a go at the manager Tyler/Taylor. I never once directed my frustration at him directly but he hung up on me and would not take by call to resolve the matter. Then the receptionist Carry spoke to me very rudely and accusing me of cursing directly at the manager which I did not do. I cursed in the context of the situation and how long I have been dealing with the issues of damaged items. Since the manager refused to take my call, I said I will send my wife in to deal with the matter. The receptionist then accused of that statement as a threat. You did not want to help over the phone and when I said I am going to send my wife in to deal with the issues that becomes a threat? So she hung up on me. My wife goes to the store to speak with the manager in person and when she asked the receptionist, the receptionist yelled at my wife in the presence of customers. Then she was a bit condescending to my wife asking her if she knows what customer service is? I mean really? The service in which you provided is the exact opposite of what suppose to do. They are quick to try and sell you items but the service you receive after you have paid them will not be pleasing. I was also spoken rudely to by their delivery driver because he couldn't find my house and he said he wasted an hour of his time trying to find my house...thats my fault? Then as they bring in the second damaged dresser, they walk into the house with their shoes on all over the carpet without putting on shoe covers and when I asked him kindly to remove their shoes, he stared at me in disgust. I honestly do not understand how they are in business with this

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