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Posted by Gudia from Middletown, NY on July 16, 2014

Please organize your wear house
And hire some nice people
Who pores the stuff into the truck
I bought my two bedroom's queen set
And my one bed was good
Second bed the stuff was missing same thing
Two times
And third time they came with twin bed railing
It was sooooooooooo frustrating
We called they said ohh we are sanding your stuff next day
Next day they did nit came again
And i called again
Thay said i saw already still your stuff was not right!!!!
Sooo we will come next day
Do something nd give them good and nice training so people wont get frustrate
Now i decide i will never go there
I ll pay extra $500 or $1000 ramoure &flamgion ll get nice delivery for my stuff
I m serious guys dont deal with them
They are sooooo frurstating i hate it ......

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    I bought a fireplace from them it was 2 years in October I was suppose to get it 3 days before Thanksgiving I got a message on a Saturday right before Thanksgiving they didn’t have it yet . I couldn’t get until after Thanksgiving at this point I called the store in Middletown where I order it , the sales guy and the manager was gone. To make this short I didn’t get the fireplace until the end of January it was canceled 3 times and one time the day before it was suppose to come I get a call they still don’t have it then when they do come it’s the wrong fire place now this happened twice before I got the one I ordered . Each time I called the Middletown store there was a different manager and I found out with all of this going on that there was no one to complain to because each store is owned by a different owner. This store is a 3 months I had 3 different Managers and each one would tell me I not leaving. This store is terrible!!!

    By: Anonymous on December 11, 2017

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