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Terrible dishonest staff not a corporate location

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Posted by Cynthia M from Palm Bay, FL on April 20, 2011

User Rating: 1 out of 5 stars
by Cynthia

The people that work at this store are very deceptive! They all lie to you to get you to purchase. I waited 3 months to get my furniture that I ordered for my nine year old child, only to be told that it still was not in, and it would be at least another month, with no guarantee that it would come in then either! I was promised delivery in 4 to 6 weeks! I promptly cancelled my order when informed of this, only to be treated rudely & even hung up on by Sarah who has a real attitude & acts like she is doing you a favor by talking to you. This woman has no business being in a customer service role what so ever! Their store manager Matt Garrison refused to talk with us, and NEVER bothered to return my phone calls, not even once. I was never given a courtesy call to inform me that my furniture order would be delayed, I had to find this out myself after calling them. They changed the delivery date 3 times and never bothered to call & let me know. My 9 year was disappointed one to many times as a result of deceptive practices by the sales staff and management! The store is not even a "corporate" location and the corporate office can do little to help when you have a problem. I was promised a phone call from their regional manager as well that never came. Ashley ought to be ASHAMED for allowing this independent owner to use their business name on their product, and needs to step in & do something about their Management, customer service, and make sure that they are doing what any reputable business should! Honesty is NOT their policy! Do not shop here. It has been the most terrible furniture buying experience I have ever had! I went to Babcock today and my furniture is being delivered tomorrow. I would have rather paid more to get what my child needed when she needed it instead of being strung along for over 3 months by Ashley. They also do not answer the telephone when you call the location. Terrible, terrible business. Go elsewhere!

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