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Poor Quality

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Poor quality of furniture. Materials in sofas and chairs do not hold shape like advertised;
Product Quality

Posted by Kyle M from Madison, AL on June 30, 2011

I purchased almost $7k of furniture when we moved to the area. After a few months of use, springs and cushions sag and become very low to the ground. The mattress I purchased was a sealy for an higher price thinking it was better quality. After a few months, it too, lost its shape and it is like sleeping in a hole.

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Mattresses can be a headache. It's normal for mattress makers to give their larger retailers exclusive models, even though there is little difference between them. This makes price matching at another retailer unlikely. Warranties are probably the better gauge of quality. Generally, warranties cover 5 - 20 years. Read the policy carefully, because many are prorated after a number of years; ie a 10 year warranty may prorate beginning in year 5. So if a covered defect is discovered after year 5, then the mattress maker will not provide a replacement mattress, but may give you a partial credit towards a new mattress. Meaning that you pay the difference. Also, know who is providing the warranty. Is it from the mattress maker or the retailer ? How long have they been in business & have they had any bankruptcies in the past ? Warranties are usually worthless after a bankruptcy or if the company goes out of business. Warranties can be offered through a 3rd party too. This could be favorable if its through a large, established company or even an insurance company that has been around for a decade or longer. If the retailer or mattress maker are no longer around, the warranty is still valid. The popular saying favored by mattress retailers is true… you're going to spend at least a 1/4 of your life in bed & waking up feeling well rested is an important function of a mattress… spend a little more money for an upgrade. Choosing a mattress on sale price is not going to assure you of a good night's sleep

Cheers !

By: Anonymous on February 16, 2013

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