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Posted by Dan B from Philadelphia, PA on August 26, 2013

The furniture selection is great and they have reasonable prices, but the customer service is horrible the only person that acknowledges you is the sales person who works on commission ,which makes it more of an obligation. I opted for pick up instead of delivery because my purchase didn't make the $1500 free delivery minimum but was not told that pickup was not at the store right across the street from me (can literally see it from my window) but at the warehouse. So after customer service realized they made an oops and forgot to put the "delivery/Pickup" notice on my receipt they gave me a free delivery, sounds great right ?? wrong!!!!!!Delivery is the worst was scheduled for a delivery ,they went to the wrong address and when I call to see when they would be arriving at my actual address they dispatcher told me they were 40mins away halfway back to the warehouse which I knew was I lie because I live 25 mins away from the warehouse's location. So I had been reschedule for another day , but when I called the morning of my new delivery date, I was then told that I was not on the deliv. schedule for that day. In fact there were no trucks in my area at all . So after a no where conversation with some one else claiming to be the delivery manager I decided to pick up my furniture myself, they wouldn't give me box dimensions, weight, etc. so I went to the warehouse hoping all my furniture would fit in my truck ,luckily it did. Mind you my trip to the warehouse was a total of 40minutes ,there and back.

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