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Do not buy from Greenfield Ashley store! Salesperson Dann...

  • Selection: Fair
  • Expertise: Fair
  • Service: Very poor
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Posted by Juju from Milwaukee, WI on December 1, 2019

Do not buy from Greenfield Ashley store! Salesperson Danny has his own intentions, said he will offer a discount for being first time buyers but actually offered a price that is already online for the same item! He kept adding things to our order (delivery, warranty) even though we told him from beginning what our needs are. He didn’t really care and just wanted to make a sale. He recognized that we are a “cheap” bait, as we were only looking at specific price ranges and quickly lost interest. We ended up driving to Richfield Ashley and they offered us a discount right away. We came back to Greenfield, told them about the discount and only then they said they would match (should have bought from Richfield). We chose a couch, but opted out of delivery option because we don’t think $159 delivery fee is reasonable. We picked up the couch, which was fully wrapped, got it home, unwrapped it and noticed a manufacture defect on the back of couch. I took pictures and went to the store right away. The reason there are two stars on this review is one for the couch that I got, I really like it overall and it fits well in my living room, and the other star is for the store manager Liz who was helping us with our problem (problem isn’t fixed but she was calm and collected and helpful). I was told I’ll get scheduled to have a technician come look at the couch, and when they called me to schedule, they provided only one date which was inconvenient to me due to having a job and it was a month and a half away! I told them that the service was unacceptable and that it was their manufacturing issue. They did not care (of course because I didn’t purchase any other crap, why would they want to hurry). At this point, they haven’t come yet and told me that if I wanted to return the couch, I would need to pay the delivery fee and a 15% restocking fee! What?!?!?! Never buying anything from this store again, and probably never from ashley.

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