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  • Selection: Fair
  • Expertise: Fair
  • Service: Very poor
Deceptive and poor service
Customer Service

Posted by tho from Waterloo, NY on October 11, 2017

Three years later I decided to give Ashley Homestore a view, (I was going to look at merchandise and buy it on the internet). However, after speaking to the sale rep/owner, I was assured a matching price and good service if I would buy directly from the store, ("We will take care of you".) I decided to give them another chance. BIG MISTAKE!! The owner damaged the dresser I bought while wheeling it out of the store.

At this point I said, "Just take $10 or $20 off the price and I'll take it as is". Response: "Nope, we'll get you new one it should be in about 2-weeks. We will call you. Four weeks later, I got a call that my dresser is in. I drove to the store the next day, Tuesday and asked if my dresser was in. The gentleman looked on the computer and said, "nope, it's not in but It may be in Thursday on the next truck. I'll call you tomorrow and confirm. The guy never called but I got another message the next day from another sales rep stating that my dresser has been in for several week and please arrange for pickup. I arrived the same day to retrieve The owner helped me load it in my truck. No thank you or appreciation for the business. I haven't unloaded it yet but I've decided that if it is the same damaged dresser being pawned onto me, I will just keep it because I have already decided "I will never return to that store".

I waited about four to six weeks and made four trips to the store to pick up the dresser and dinette set. Was declined a request for a refund for the dresser when I was told it had not arrived as promised. And I was not offered any accommodation for all the inconvenience endured. They could have at least delivered it no charge.

The question is. Why would anyone buy from Ashley Homestore in this competitive market which offers free shipping returns, 2-day no cost delivery and generally warm gracious service. My prediction: Ashley Homestore Geneva - OUT OF BUSINESS LESS THAN 2-YEARS.

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