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Posted by paula from Flat Rock, MI on April 13, 2017

Our experience with Art Van was horrible! We have purchased thousands of $$ over the last 20 years at various locations, and until this last time, we had been happy. We wanted to purchase a couch, but the one we wanted was back ordered for a month. So, we decided to buy another as well while we waited and later put it in our basement. The first was to be delivered in 4 days. Well, when I called to set the delivery, the back ordered couch was already in to be delivered!

While buying the couches, the sales person sold us on the fabric warranty. Said it was covered everything, even gave countless examples. With kids, I knew we needed that.

Now, fast forward 3 weeks and our brand new couch is falling apart!! The fabric I pulling out all over it. We called them and a tech was sent out. He basically said their furniture is junk and that he would write in his report to have the cushions replaced. After waiting  a week, we called in and the lady told us that the tech said it was normal wear and tear...AFTER 3 WEEKS??? It would not be covered under warranty. She stated that they could replace them...for a fee!! I just paid $3500 for 2 couches and they wanted to charge me???  

When we questioned the warranty, she told us that there are pamphlets all over the store that state what is and is not covered. Why are the sales people giving the wrong info?? After thinking about it, our receipt was just handed to us, not given with any pamphlets or warranty info.

After reading all these complaints, I realize how far Art Van has sunk over the years and I will never spend another dime there.

We own our own company and are seriously considering taking a few days off and having our guys spend the day picketing the store so everyone else will know not to waste their money!!

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