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Posted by John C from Jackson, MS on May 9, 2013

High quality leather with very overpriced furniture with poor customer service! The store prides itself with using this obviously false sales pitch that they can get any of their furniture ordered to the store and delivered out within 30 days! Well, we were promised our furniture would be shipped and delivered to our home located 25 miles from the store in 4-8 weeks. Throughout the two months of waiting, not one time did we receive phone calls or status updates on our furniture! After calling myself, 8 weeks later we were informed that our furniture had "recently" been put on back order. We already paid the full amount and 8 weeks after our purchase still NO furniture! Customer service has been horrible and they seem to not care about our furniture now that they've gotten their money!! I'll NEVER do business with these people again!! Don't waste your time or money with this place!

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    Very untrue! I've had an excellent experience with Angelles! I special ordered a living room suit and was clearly explained to that the average was 4-8 weeks but It could possibly take up to 12 weeks depending on the manufacture. I was also explained to that I needed to wait 4 weeks at least to call and check on my furniture because ordering furniture is a lengthy process. I have them 6 weeks then called to revive an update. It took them a few days to track it down but I received an update saying it was aprox 2 weeks out. It arrived 16 days later and was promptly delivered and was excellent service! 8 weeks seems like a while to wait for furniture but I've bought from Ashley and was told 2 weeks which became 4 weeks then 8 weeks then 16 weeks until I fought them for a refund that I finally got at 18 weeks! This is still the best store I've shopped at in Hattiesburg and would highly recommend and give a 10/10 score!

    By: Anonymous on September 26, 2013

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