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Will never step in again!!

  • Selection: Poor
  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor
Cant think of any...
Very poor customer service. Jimmy in the store doesnt know anything or atleast dint display any knowledge about mattresses.
Customer Service

Posted by Asai D from Lombard, IL on October 26, 2010

very poor customer service. Jimmy in the store treated my husband and me very badly. He said we were a total waste of time. He looked as us as though we were some piece of material to be ridiculed.We dint get much information from him when we were in the store. He was more interested in telling us that there are cheaper options available even though we told him that money is not the deal.

We were very offended and when we were trying to leave he kept asking us "Where will you go?" as though it was the only mattress store in the world!!

He was tearing papers and complaining loudly that we shouldnt have stepped into the store in the first place if werent going to buy a mattress.

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