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Posted by Kevin from Conway, NH on May 4, 2014

My newly sanded floor was damaged by Allen Wayside employees and when we complained we were called liars and accused of damaging the floor ourselves.

We purchased an Ashley Vista chocolate sectional sofa from Allen Wayside Furniture Conway NH for our vacation home on October 3rd 2013.We paid in full by credit card including the extra delivery charge ($1,267). Delivery was arranged for the next available delivery slot October 12th 2013.
The delivery team arrived as agreed in the morning. We left the delivery crew to assemble the sectional. They asked if we were happy with the placement of the sectional we said we were. When they had gone we vacuumed the sofa (as recommended by the manufacturer) to remove any residual factory dust. It was then that we discovered that our newly sanded living room floor had a large gouge in it (the delivery team had placed the sofa so that it was just covered).
We immediately informed the store. The manager ***** ****** refused to discuss it until he had spoken to his delivery team.
Mr. ****** rang back later that afternoon (October 12th) and said that his delivery people had denied any knowledge of damaging our floor and had not placed the sofa so that the damage could not be seen. Mr. ****** accused us of damaging our own floor! He called my wife a liar and said that we could have damaged the floor by sitting on the sofa! His attitude was extremely defensive and aggressive. He said he was used to people making complaints about damage caused to rooms that he and his employees had never even entered. At the end of the conversation my wife was in tears.
His employees did enter our living room and the damage which is now on my floor was not there before they arrived and was not caused after they left.
Mr. ****** very reluctantly agreed that if I got a price from my flooring contractor to repair the floor he would consider making us an offer; this was after my wife told him we had a whole house to furnish for which we would not be using his store.
Unfortunately our flooring contractor is a friend of one of the employees at Allen Wayside in Conway and has unwilling to give us an estimate for repairing the damage as he knows the employee will lose her commission on the sofa!
We are not from the US, we live in the UK. This home represents 10 years of saving and dreaming of buying a vacation home in the valley we have come to love. This sofa represented the first major purchase for our new home and to be treated so appallingly came as a big shock. We contacted Allen Wayside Customer service my email but they have ignored us.
We thought that American customer service was admired the world over, we would not be treated this badly in the UK where customer service is renowned for being poor!

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