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Park Place mattresses are recommended by 22% of owners on GoodBed (based on 18 ratings + 8 reviews).

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Recent Complaints Park Place

  • Comfort: Way too hard
  • Support: Poor
  • Durability: Much worse
  • Pressure relief: Often
  • Temperature: Don't know



Center Support
Long-Term Support
Surface Integrity
Overall Value

it sagged far sooner then expected considering I was the only person to use it. I never used it for any other purpose than sleeping.It got to where I could hardly stand up after a nights "rest". terrible way to start the day.




    Surface Integrity

    • Purchased in Dec 2011

    would not buy a nother one first one laid good for 3 mo. then sag then it was hurting my back then they replace it then the frist nite i sleeped on it it started saging




      Customer Service
      Surface Integrity
      Warranty Terms

      I bought this Bed at Nothing But Beds in Murphy NC. The owners step daughter told us this bed even though a pillow top would keep it's firmness because it had more coils than other mattresses. What a mistake we made, we believed her. By three months time the bed is sagging so much I have back aches every morning. The store owner says unless it sage over 2" and does not come back up it is not covered by warranty. So much for the 10 year warranty. Being the nice guy he is he offered us $100 off on a new bed. Appears I will have to take them to court and spread the truth about to the community. I will never buy another product from them again. They are very deceiving and unprofessional in this matter.




        Overall Comfort
        Overall Support

        I have had 2 of these one I returned under warranty and the second I am trying to return but the store i bought from is now out of business....wonder why. they buldge, and the tops come apart to fold up and my body has never been in so much distortion when laying on a bed.




          Center Support
          Customer Service
          Pressure Relief

          • Purchased in Jun 2010

          To begin, I rarely write review unless I am really excited or upset. And I give it alot of thought prior to posting. Secondly, I travel for a living, and sleep perfectly every night in a different hotel. So, as you can see, I am not a picky sleeper.

          Now let me get straight to the point: The first Park Place mattress we bought sank over 2 1/2 inches within thirty days (I still have the pictures and emails to and from the company). My wife and I would roll toward the middle during the night. We rotated the mattress very often, and it never got better.

          We complained, and they sent us a very, very firm mattress that was torn on the side as a replacement. This one was so hard it hurt to sleep on it. I complained again, and they sent a rude, dismissive letter to me in effect saying "tough".

          So, we purchased a 3" foam mattress pad. Certainly makes it better, but we still have to rotate the mattress every 30 days because we sink in it! Btw, I am 205 pounds, and my wife is slender (she won't let me post her weight, even anonymously:)).

          Seriously, don't try to save a couple of bucks like we did. It's not worth it when it comes to sleeping comfortably. Stay with the big brand names that care about keeping customers happy. You won't regret it.

          Good luck.

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          Greenville, SC
          The best night's sleep you've ever had!

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          Park Place is a mattress manufacturer founded in 1931 that is based in Greenville, SC the United States.

          Editor's Note(s):

          • Park Place also owns Comfortaire and Luxe-Pedic. Park Place was formerly known as Orderest. Park Place mattresses are available at Sleep Outfitters, Furniture Fair, Fred's Beds, Mattress Market, and Mattress 4 You, along with other mattress retailers.


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