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Naturalia is a family owned company that started about 40 years ago with a strong focus on quality and technology. Many years ago they partnered up with Euroespuma from Portugal, mainly due to Euroespuma’s incredible reputation for being the world leader in memory foam technology. As time passed Naturalia developed five divisions specializing in Green and Eco-friendly products, a medical division, a hotel and hospitality division, a retail division and a division for the storage beds.  

Our superior materials include the following:

  • Our Grade 1A Visco-soy Plus Foam top and Biosoy Maxipore Innercore have been developed after years of testing, to create the highest standards in density and weight.
  • The Biosoy Innercore is made with Duo-cell cellular structure which combines large and small cells. The large cells are responsible for preventing the mattress from putting pressure on the body, as well as ensuring constant airflow through the inside of the block, keeping it oxygenated and at an ideal temperature, while the small cells maintain the right firmness.
  • Euroespuma, a key innovator of natural memory foam technology uses the best raw materials and SupraCell's technology, which guarantees the non-deforming of the materials over a long period of time, providing greater comfort, improved breathability, a better touch and overall superior properties.
  • SupraCell's technology was introduced in 2005. It was the culmination of several years of study and represents the latest in terms of technology in the manufacture of memory foam. Along with this technology, in the field of raw materials, Eurospuma has established major partnerships, which allows them to continue developing new products, in addition to decreasing the VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds). Its permanent concern is the development and production of more environmentally friendly products, thereby raising their level of sustainability.
  • Our bedding solutions are certified by Europe’s most stringent guidelines one of which is the TUV certificate”.
  • With regards to the physical appearance of the mattress Poligon, our factory, spared no detail or luxury. The elegance of the mattress is defined by its’ cashmere top and the latest in European fabric technology, called Thermofress 3D Fabric “optimum temperature system”. This technology incorporates an air chamber made of a three-dimensional volumetric woven fabric that uses body movements to thermo-regulate itself. Through this technology, the fabric actually allows the mattress to “breathe” and maintains the ideal temperature.
  • Also, in terms of cleanliness, few mattresses in the market can match what we can offer. Our mattresses have removable, dry-cleaning washable tops. Even fewer have tops that are reversible to address the issue of temperature fluctuations as seen in any city with pronounced seasons. One side of our mattress is warmer than the other for winter and summer seasons.

Models Naturalia

  • Price not available

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    • Plushness
      a lot of softness
    • Sleeper Type
      side sleepers
      back sleepers
    • Features
      Bio-Based Foam
      Memory Foam
  • Price not available

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    • Plushness
      medium softness
    • Sleeper Type
      side sleepers
      back sleepers
      stomach sleepers
    • Features
      Bio-Based Foam
      Memory Foam
  • Price not available

    We can contact stores for you:

    • Plushness
      only a bit of softness
    • Sleeper Type
      back sleepers
      stomach sleepers
    • Features
      Bio-Based Foam
      Memory Foam

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  • Comfort: Just right
  • Support: Excellent
  • Durability: Like new
  • Pressure relief: Never
  • Temperature: Excellent
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  • Purchased in Apr 2012

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  • Mattress Thickness: 12.50"

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Comfort Levels:
Firm, Medium, Soft

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Naturalia is a mattress manufacturer that is based in Spain.


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