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Mattress Models IKEA

We show a total of 13 available models in the IKEA manufacturer. Note that some IKEA models may not be available from a retailer in your area.

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Model Name Support Type Tags Reviews Comfort
HASVÅGInnerspringFoam, Innerspring, Pocketed Coils3.0
(18 ratings)
Medium-Firm Tight Top
HAUGESUNDInnerspringFoam, Innerspring, Pocketed Coils2.5
(52 ratings)
Medium-Firm Tight Top
HAUGSVÄRInnerspringFoam, Innerspring, Pocketed Coils2.62222222222
(45 ratings + 2 reviews)
Medium-Firm Tight Top
HESSTUNInnerspringFoam, Innerspring, Pocketed Coils3.04651162791
(43 ratings + 1 review)
HJELLESTADInnerspringInnerspring, Memory Foam, Pocketed Coils3.27272727273
(11 ratings + 1 review)
Medium-Firm Pillow Top
(6 ratings + 1 review)
Medium-Firm Pillow Top
KNAPSTADFoamFoam, Gel, Gel Memory Foam, Memory Foam, Poly Foam0Medium-Firm Tight Top
MatrandNoneInnerspring, Latex, Online Only, Poly Foam2.6511627907
(43 ratings)
Medium-Firm Tight Top
MAUSUNDLatexAll Natural Latex, Cotton Filling, Latex, Natural Materials, Wool Filling5.0
(1 rating)
Medium-Firm Tight Top
MorgedalNoneFoam, Poly Foam2.83695652174
(92 ratings)
Medium-Firm Tight Top
MyrbackaNoneFoam, Latex, Natural Materials, Poly Foam2.84615384615
(39 ratings)
Medium-Firm Tight Top
Myrbacka FirmFoamFoam, Latex, Natural Materials, Poly Foam3.05
(20 ratings)
Firm Tight Top
Sultan Hultsvik Pillow TopInnerspringInnerspring, Memory Foam, Pocketed Coils3.96428571429
(28 ratings)
Soft Pillow Top
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