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Mattress Shopping Guide

One challenge of buying a mattress is that we don’t do it very often. As a result, we tend not to have an established purchasing ‘routine’ for mattresses the way we do for so many other products. While there are likely dozens of mattress retailers within a relatively short drive of your house, you may only be able to think of a few off-hand, and chances are, there are only one or two (at most) from which you’ve ever purchased a mattress in the past. Meanwhile, you may find significant differences in the products and services available across these stores, not to mention the prices.

At GoodBed, we view the sea of mattress retail choices as an opportunity – the chance for you find a nearby store that will offer you the products and the services you want at the best possible price. To help you accomplish this, we offer a number of helpful resources. Assuming you already know something about what kind of mattress you want and are ready to begin shopping, here are some places we recommend as good starting points for your search:

Where can I get a comprehensive map of all the mattress stores in my area?

Where can I find nearby stores that carry a certain brand or type of mattress?

  • From the mattress store locator, click on the locations in your area to find out if they list the brand or mattress type you are seeking.
  • Before heading out, give the store a call to verify the selection they have on display.

How do I choose amongst all the stores in my area?

  • Read the information provided about each retailer and store location to find the nearby stores that are rated highly by other mattress shoppers, and that offer the products and/or services you are seeking.
  • Find out what to look for in a mattress store.

How can I learn more about a specific mattress store in my area?

Any other advice for how to shop for a mattress?

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