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Spent a lot of time searching for a new bed before deciding on the iComfort mattress. Spent far more money for what I thought would provide a comfortable nights sleep. After a week I have yet to spend an entire night in the bed. The mattress is far firmer than at the store. I typically sleep on my stomach and I am very uncomfortable in this bed. Making matters worse is the terrible odor..As directed we let the bed air out for two nights and then had to go to three days because of the odor, disappointing when you get something new and can't use it Fortunately we had another bed we could use in the meantime. After day 2 we took the mattress outside and aired it out for 3 hours. We fortunately got the bed during September and have had our windows opened and the fan going all week. The odor is still strong but not as much as the first days. I had someone step into our house and ask immediately if we were painting. Our bedroom is at the other end of the house so you can imagine how strong the odor is. Every time I try to lay down in the bed I get a slight headache immediately and the odor is nauseating . My pillow stinks and after reading another review i fear the odor will remain permanently. I want to return this mattress but am stuck with it for 3 more weeks. Sleeping on the couch most of the time now. I would not recommend this bed however as I write this my husband is snoring soundly and doesn't seem to be as put off by the odor as I am.

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