Finally.. pain free

We bought a Brand Name $800 mattress five years ago and it seemed like a good one at first. Within six months I was not happy. I called them about getting a different mattress and suddenly their wonderful warranty was not so wonderful. Basically, I was stuck. For the past two years I've gone to chiropractors to deal with the back pains. I have to be dead tired in order to go to bed and be able to fall asleep through the pain. When I laid down on the Latex Bliss in the store (on my left side) it only took less than five minutes for my back pain to go away. I could have fallen asleep right there in the store. I was only getting five or six hours of sleep on that other brand name mattress. I'd have to wake up in order to turn over because the pain was so much. Anyway, the Latex Bliss was delivered on Friday afternoon. Today is WEDNESDAY. I've had four wonderful pain free nights on this bed so far. I actually look forward to going to bed. I've used a CPAP machine since 2005. I don't move around much when I sleep because I feel like I'm tethered. That's part of the problem. My body is sore from laying in one place in one position, night after night. I have not felt this rested in a long long time. FOUR NIGHTS and I'm convinced this is the answer.

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Back Support

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Excellent Back Support

Pressure Relief

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Excellent Pressure Relief

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Much better Sleep

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Excellent "Coolness"


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Not Rated

Warranty Service

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Not Rated

Softness Level

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Just right