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It's been about 2 months since we purchased our CMG Caress (King) from RTG. I do have to say after reading some of the negative reviews I was paranoid for the first month constantly asking my wife, "do you think it's sagging on my side", all the while I was having perfect nights sleeps. I'm a due diligence person and I read everything there is to read on memory foam, latex, etc., and what made the Caress so attractive was the "value" cost compared to a name brand memory foam/latex mattress. I'm 6'1 200 lbs (lower back problems) and my wife is 5'8 140 and we both find the mattress to be firm yet very supportive and comfortable. Folks, memory foam/latex mattress do get body impressions and conform to your body - thus my constant monitoring for the first month and after reading about people stating they "sunk" into the bed and couldn't roll over. Both our sides have conformed to our sleeping positions dropping about 1/2 inch in our mattress' case. Note: My old 12 year old Spring Air reversible mattress (which we loved), dropped 2 plus inches - so for me,this is a considerable adjustment to a firmer mattress. The Caress provides me enough support that it's helped me considerably waking up from lower back pain, and the top layer is the perfect comfort that you don't feel like you are sleeping on a board. In moving to memory foam you will be amazed at how little motion you feel when your bed mate moves..frankly with our bed it's hard to tell when my wife gets out of bed. Lastly, the bed temperature is much cooler than our coil spring mattress, a big plus during the Dallas summer months. My only concern (although minor), is about the warranty. CMG states that if the mattress is not sold with their foundation the limited warranty is void. This is contrary to what RTG advertises on their web site and what our sales person told us. Our bed frame (purchased at the same time at RTG), does not support a foundation and has a center support with slats about every two inches. On top of the slats are two padded and covered bunky boards. In my 50 years on earth I've never returned a mattress and the odds on me paying $200 freight for returned shipping is pretty slim. That being said, I wish CMG would tailor their warranty policy like their larger S competitors to state alternative foundation requirements. I highly recommend the Caress Mattress - it has the same feel as the unit we tested at the showroom and we were very satisfied with both CMG and RTG.

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User also said: "Momma Bear" comfort - not too hard or too soft, just right.
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User also said: Limited Warranty
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