Here's another testimony to the poor quality of this mattress. Within a couple of months of purchasing it (King size) we had 2 hammocks with a large hump down the middle of the bed. When we contacted the store, we were told the sag was not great enough to warrant a replacement or any other action on their part. I started rotating the mattress 90 degrees with every bedding change, hoping to balance it out. And, yes, that meant every other week the length of the mattress was turned across the width of the bed. After months of this heavy work, I realized it was futile. I finally put a filler in the sag to try to ease the discomfort. I did one of their silly "sag" tests, myself, using a level from the high center hump. The sag runs between 1 1/4 and 1 3/4 inches. Still trying to find out if this is NOW enough sag to get some customer support. Very disappointed! Wouldn't recommend this mattress at all.

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Back Support

User rated this bed:
Poor Back Support

Pressure Relief

User rated this bed:
Poor Pressure Relief

Sleep Quality

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Much worse Sleep

Stays "Cool"

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Fair "Coolness"


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Not Rated

Warranty Service

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Not Rated

Softness Level

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Much too soft