We have been sleeping on Saatvas for a few years now. Prior to Saatva, we had two sets of "hand me down" Shifmans and if you want a good "hand me down," its a Shifman mattress from years ago. We replaced them with Saatvas and with the extension in our home needing a new king set for the master suite, we clicked to Saatva again but this time we bought their Zenhaven latex king set. 100% pure latex, 100% pure heaven. $2800 for a king set of 100% pure latex, not a blend. Yes, yes, yes, we sleep so healthy and so supportive on pure 100% latex luxury but let me tell you who sleeps even better. We came home from dinner last week-end and my wife went into our bedroom first and literally started screaming. Screaming!!! Our dog, Amos was dead??? He's dead, OMG he's dead!! By the time I flew around the master bedroom door, my wife was breathing heavy (love a wife who breathes heavy in the bedroom) from relief as Amos was in deep doggy dreamland. DEEP SLEEPING!!! Zenhaven!! Where is this Saatva Company with a pet bed? Back to this review if this is considered a review, the Zenhaven mattress is everything and more than what their honest website presents. Yes, buy it as if you had only one life and wanted your sleep life to be as smart as possible. Terri West Palm Beach, FL

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Excellent Back Support

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Excellent Pressure Relief

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Much better Sleep
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Excellent "Coolness"


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Excellent Value
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Excellent Warranty Service

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Just right