Worst Purchase EVER

Every morning I wake up close to tears, and say I am going to write a review, so I am finally going to do it. About two and a half years ago I convinced my now husband, that it was time to ditch our crappy discount, hand-me-down mattress we'd been sleeping on, and invest in a great bed. We both have bad backs from playing sports, we both have stressful jobs, and sound, comfortable sleep is so important for both those issues. So, we walked over to our local fidi sleepys to spend a considerable amount of money, probably on a tempurpedic. Store experience was great, they used a cool machine to look at the amount of firmness each of us needed, and by the end we walked out buying a pretty expensive sleeptolive mattress (same firmness on both sides). What a mistake. Long story short, the bed dips in the middle. It always has. After 6 months, we actually put our old mattress pad that we had bought to disguise the awfulness of our old bed on our new, expensive bed!! Finally after 2 years of frustration, I took action, called sleepys to see if there was anything we could do. I find out that we have a great warranty, and may be able to do do something about this mess after all. Yay! They send out someone to look at our bed, and it turns out I really do sleep on an angle! The "string" test showed that sure enough our bed dips on both sides, but about an inch more on mine. So the tech sends his report to sleepys/their third party mattress reviewer -- we are so excited that the prospect of a good, comfortable sleep is on the horizon, and then we heard from sleepys. Got our long-awaited letter in the mail…and…THEY DENIED OUR CLAIM. Really!?! After so much great, helpful customer service, we received a cold, inhuman awful letter. That provided little information, other than something to the tune of “your mattress is defective, but not defective enough, deal with it”. I am beyond irate, uncomfortable, tired, and will never shop at Sleepy's or buy Sleep To Live ever again, and neither should you.

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Poor Back Support

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Poor Pressure Relief

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Much worse Sleep

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