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My wife and I have had this Cal-King Select Comfort bed for about 17 years. It has a pillow top. It came with a 20 year warranty. I'm 6'1" and come in at about 250 lbs. My wife is 5'4" and weighs about 125. Both of us are over 60 years old. My wife has had 3 back surgeries to fuse vertebrae together. This bed has been good to us all things considered. It was an easy set up. It took a bit to get the settings right, but now, no problem. We've only had small issues with the air staying in, and mostly it only loses a bit when we find it necessary to move the bed. The pump has been reliable the entire time we've owned it. This is a somewhat hot bed, especially when you first use it. Over the 17 years we've had it, that hasn't improved a whole lot. We do have a mattress warming pad (rather than an electric blanket) since we've moved to Missouri and that may inhibit the air movement a bit, but only slightly I think. At about the 8 year mark the bed started showing a bit of a ridge in the middle from the foot to the head. I suspect that the foam may be breaking down a bit, however, it still remains comfortable after all these years. Each of my three adult children and their spouses have used the bed during times we've been away and all of them have tried to lay claim to it should we get another bed. We've loved this bed for a long time now, and we're starting to think about another bed that will probably see us into the hereafter. The only problem I have now with this bed is what it would cost us to replace it with a bed of the same quality from the same manufacturer. I've seen claims from all different manufacturers about high recommendations and so forth for this type bed, or that type. I can only tell you to do an extensive bit of homework, read reviews, know your warranty info and return info before making a choice. It's a fairly important thing because of the amount of time you'll spend in the bed, and it's supposed to provide a refreshing sleep as well as help aches and pains.

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