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to make a long story short. we wanted a Cal. King four poster bed frame and a sleep number mattress to go into the bed. We ordered the mattress in Dec 2017 and it was delivered and set up on the 22nd (the setup took less than 10min). we did not have the bed frame yet, we didn't find one we liked for a month or two and then it took a while to get it. We final had our new Cal. King four post bed delivered on April 8th 2018. We set the bed up and it looked great, we then tried to put the mattress on the bed, well it didn't fit. it was to wide and it was too short for the bed frame. We naturally thought it was the bed frame, well it wasn't, in December when we went to the Tysons Corner sleep number store in Virginia, requested if a Cal. King P6 mattress was an option, we were told yes so we paid for it then and there. The sales people were a little perplexed at the Cal. King requested but assured us that we could get it, it might just take a little longer. So instead of ordering a Cal. King they ordered just a King, and it is not obvious by all the order codes on the paperwork what we ordered so we didn't catch it. when the mattress was delivered and set up, there is no tag that says what size mattress you have, so we didn't catch it there either. we did catch it when we tried to put a King mattress on a Cal.King bed frame but customer service says its past the first 100 days so they will not fix the problem. We recommend anyone doing business with sleep number check what you order and have the sales person write specifically what you order in plain english on the order form, because they will sell you something in stock vs. what you want if they think you wont notice or don't know any better. One last though, My wife had issues with sales and customer service, she felt like they were treating her like she was dumb and didn't know anything, I also witness this when I talked to them. it might be isolated, but worth mentioning. our sleep number customer number is 1013881647

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Back Support

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Don't know Not Rated

Pressure Relief

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Don't know Not Rated

Sleep Quality

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Same Sleep
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Memory Foam

Stays "Cool"

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Very poor Value
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$4,400 (Cal King) Size

Warranty Service

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Very poor Warranty Service

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Not Rated