Mattress doesn't perform, warranty is a sham

I used to work at Sears , selling among other things mattresses. I know exactly what warranty requirements were available and provided to Sears associates and customers. Mattress warranty information consists solely of a specified a period of time and extent of defect required for a warranty claim. PERIOD. I purchased a very nice Sears-O-Pedic mattress while employed at Sears. Guess what! Within the warranty period it sagged enough it became uncomfortable, The sag was well below the warranty specifications so I filed a claim, with all the required photos. They simply dismissed my claim because I had removed most of the "law tag", but a photo clearly showed the remnant of the law tag attached to the mattress. This is the large tag positioned at the top, head of the mattress. The one that says in large print: "UNDER PENALTY OF LAW THIS TAG NOT TO BE REMOVED EXCEPT BY THE CONSUMER" . Sears insists the entire law tag must still be attached, and backs up their refusal with this: Neither sales associates nor customers are aware of this "warranty" while shopping, purchasing, or selling a mattress. The only reason Sears has this secret "warranty" statement is to void consumer claims filed after failure of the mattress for the reasons they believed to be warrantied. An honest company would clearly state actual warranty requirements. This is far worse then relying on fine print contained in a contract, because the law tag requirement is never shown. Except to escape honoring a claim.

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