This bed is way too hard.

I purchased the Pure Latex Bliss (Nature model) bed 4 months ago thinking that is would be more supportive and comfortable than a memoryfoam, because, it uses the pressure of the body to support rather than heat like the memoryfoam. Now I am so sorry that I bought the latex bed. I thought it felt good in the store. I went back to the store about 5 times to make sure the mattress felt good. But when I sleep on it all night my body hurts every morning. It just isn't comfortable. I find that it is too hard. My shoulders hurt if I sleep on my side and my back hurts if I sleep on my back. My husband also has the same experience with this mattress being way too hard. It may form to the body which feels good at the store, but feels like a board when we sleep on it all night. I wish I would have bought a memoryfoam or a conventional bed. Unfortunately the only local store that sold this mattress didn’t have a sleep guarantee. So I cannot take it back. I was so focused on the good reviews (probably written by the company) that I took a chance on this large purchase. I have now learned that there may be a good reason why only one store in a large city sells this product. That reason is because it is not a very good product unless you want a very FIRM mattress and the company doesn't stand behind their product. I talked to Pure Latex Bliss customer service and there is nothing that they will do since it is a comfort issue and not a warranty issue. I guess we have to live and learn. I just hope you as a reader will learn from my experience. We will buy a 3 inch memoryfoam mattress topper to make this bed comfortable. Hope it works. This is the first review that I ever made on a product. It is such a big expense that I am compelled to comment on it.

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