Extremely Disappointed and Frustrated

To be honest I should have refused the mattress upon delivery. PROBLEM 1: The mattress was significantly bigger than the foundation -the tag says Carolina Guild- and no matter how the three men manipulated the mattress it hung off on two sides. *I measured - 1 1/2" and up to 2" at one point.* The delivery guy gave me some story about it being rubber and cutting it to fit exactly just wasn't going to happen. He assured me he would let the owner know and get back to me about the overhang. Note: I had not been told this "fact" by any sales person during my search! PROBLEM 2: After only three days I felt as though I might roll to the side if I got too close to the center or the edge of the mattress. After running my hand across the bed I felt a significant dip on my side! I stripped the bed to get a closer look and you could see a "sinking" in the mattress. -I am 125 lbs btw- There is a hump in the middle of our king bed and my side sinks in! I have placed a straight edge across the mattress to get an idea of just how much and the mattress sinks down about an inch. The bed is New! 3 days old mind you. Wow!! This situation is Nothing like I expected after months of research for just the right mattress. Reading tons of reviews and articles about the Pure LatexBliss mattress! I made several long distance trips to Atlanta to lie on each model before making a decision. I asked tons of questions! Every authorized sales person told me that they had never seen a Pure LatexBliss sag or sink. They said it would be the bed they would buy or it was the bed they had! They also assured me of the customer service and warranty of the Pure LatexBliss was topnotch. What happened!!!??? I was Thrilled to be getting a Pure LatexBilss and now instead of feeling elated and satisfied with my well thought out purchase, I am completely stressed out and frustrated! I am trying to get this issue resolved through the mattress company I purchased the mattress from and even that process is causing tremendous undue stress. **Purchase with great caution!** *Side note: *I have called around in the last few days to inquire about these two problems and every single authorized sales person has said there is no way either of these two problems would happen with a Pure LatexBliss mattress and yet the man whom I have purchased it from says the overhang is normal.

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Poor Back Support

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