Dormeo does not stand behind its product, and they don't care about their customers. My husband and I purchased an Octaspring in April of 2013. Just after the 90-day warranty ran out, my husband and I started waking up with backaches. Thanks, Murphy's Law! We went back to Sit 'n Sleep, where we purchased it and they told us we needed to schedule a mattress inspection. We did. When the inspector - from a third-party company - came out, even HE was surprised at the visible wear in a 3.5-month-old mattress. He suggested we turn the mattress, head-to-foot. I informed him that we had just a week prior. He said he'd never seen wear this significant. Please note that I weigh 150 pounds, and my husband weighs 170, so we aren't large people. We had a Tempur-Pedic for 13 years before it wore out, and it never showed any visual signs of wear. One business day after the mattress inspection, I called Sit 'n Sleep for a determination. I was told that Dormeo had denied our request for replacement. This is not good. My husband and I are not getting decent sleep, and we are owners of a very successful, if not stressful, business. Good sleep is essential to us! So, I had to go buy a new mattress, which will be delivered today, August 15, 2013. It is a traditional spring mattress; you know, proven technology. Meanwhile, I'm still paying off the Octaspring (I had to finance it because our mattress, fridge, garage door and garbage disposal all went out at the same time our main line backed up in April - happy birthday to me!). I plan to sue. I've never sued anyone, but I am angry!!! I will post photos soon and link them in a reply to this posting (if applicable) so you can all see for yourselves. Also, you may see similar postings from me on other websites. I want to get the word out about how terrible Dormeo treats its customers. Good luck on the mattress search, just don't get sucked into this "innovative technology."

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