Still not sleeping well/poor response

We bought the original bed in Sept of 2013. The biggest selling point to me was the adjustable factor. I have to sleep with my head elevated, and this seemed to be able to get me into a bed again. We bought the split king model as my husband likes to lay flat and I have always been a side sleeper. The first time I tried the mattress it felt good but since I had heard they get softer after awhile I wanted something firmer. The saleman had me try the harder bed which I liked but he pressured us into buying the softer mattress. It became way too soft and I found that I needed to get chiropractic treatment 3 times a week and this went on for 3 months until I figured out that getting out of bed or rolling over was actually throwing my back out. So I went to sleeping in the recliner again and I was back to normal. My husband had called repeatedly about the firmer mattress and finally in April of 2014 we got the new one. My husband felt that it felt the same as the original one, but I thought it was slightly firmer. They both do not sleep cool, and with my having hot flashes, I get very uncomfortable. He is normal size, I am heavier. We have been in contact with REM about this bed as it is also too soft and Kristin asked us to turn the mattress over and sleep on the bottom side. I actually slept better at first, but it also is too soft. My husband tried it but it has little to no padding so it did not work for him. I also looked at the paperwork and it seems as if our replacement mattress was the same as the original. So if the firmer of the two was the Paradise, we did not receive that one and that is probably why I'm still sleeping on the couch. We even talked with Randy the owner, but the response time is snail pace. I will end it here and I have nothing even remotely good to say after this although I will add that I tried to leave a review on their site but, for some reason, it never goes through. Makes me think that only good reviews will pass, which is why I'm only this site.

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Back Support

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Poor Back Support

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Poor Pressure Relief

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Slightly worse Sleep

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Fair "Coolness"


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Not Rated

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Not Rated

Softness Level

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Much too soft