Worst customer service I've ever seen

I've had better customer service ordering $5.00 products. It's absolutely inexcusable, when selling a $5,000 product to have such horrible customer service! I can't share the whole experience, because there is a limit on words and its a long story. We were told our bed would arrive in 6 weeks. During that time we never once received a call from Randy, even after 6 weeks passed with no bed. Then after we called him and got a second date, which again when it didn't happen, we had to call him first. We got several delivery dates, I ended up taking 3 days off because we weren't informed early enough that it wasn't going to happen that day. Then we got the most uncomfortable mattresses we'd ever slept on. After a month Randy agreed to exchange them. Another month of zero customer service, we got new ones. It took a month of me feeling like I was sleeping on the same original mattress, to find out my husband's mattress was amazingly soft. I texted Randy and explained we definitely had 2 different mattresses, he seemed sceptical, but agreed to ship a new one ups. I'm still waiting. Again he never called to say when it would ship out, I had to text him. Any other company selling a $5000 product would have a website, where I could track my order. Any other company selling a $5000 product would hire at least one customer service representative to make contact with customers. To inform them estimated delivery time at first and later CALL THEM with actual dates. Then after a week CALL Them to inquire about their satisfaction. Most companies send a "how did we do survey" so they can see what they should improve on. I complained to Randy more than once about his horrible customer service skills, he was completely unapologetic. His skills are great, until you sign the papers, then he is done with you and is totally put out to be bothered by customers who just spent $5000 wanting information. He doesn't have time to be bothered with contacting you, and apparently to cheap to hire someone to do it for him.

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    Back Support

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    Fair Back Support

    Pressure Relief

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    Very Poor Pressure Relief

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    Slightly worse Sleep
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    Don't know or not sure

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    Good "Coolness"


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    Fair Value
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    $5,000 (Queen) Size

    Warranty Service

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    Very poor Warranty Service

    Softness Level

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    Much too hard