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Posted by Debbie E from Los Angeles, CA on August 4, 2011

Extremely disappointed after spending $$$$ on a Kluft Cal King firm, Royal Sovereign. Severe body contouring, the middle has a huge hump that's like sleeping with a 3rd person in the middle. Kluft says it's normal for 1.5" depression. At 3weeks we are at 1" depression, When you go to a hotel you don't see a hump in the middle of the bed. I am under 140lbs, and my husband is 165, there shouldn't be a lump anywhere on a 3 week bed and for Kluft to indicate that this is normal with all the beds is ridiculous. DO NOT BUY!!!

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Kluft appreciates any constructive comments regarding our brand. As with all Luxury mattress sets you must expect some level of adjustment. The comfort layers are designed to cradle your body and relieve pressure and one can anticipate body impressions to form as a result. To properly break in your mattress it is necessary to sleep over the entire surface. The occasional rotating of your mattress will help in the proper conditioning of cushioning materials, preserve comfort, and maximize its life.

By: Lilly Menzell of Rancho Cucamonga, CA on November 4, 2011

I have a "firm"Kluft Lillian. Very disappointed. Rotated several times and still have a severe soft sinking where my head lays. Cannot comfortably sit up at all because of severe soft spot. My back hurts. I'm returning to Sit & Sleep". Horrible.

By: Anonymous on January 21, 2012

Bought a Kluft with a ten-year warranty at Mor Furniture. It has a spring or something sticking out of the side after two years and Kluft has told us "Too bad, sucker, that's not a factory defect". Since we have no kids, no pets and no gunfights in the bedroom, I really don't know what the heck else kind of a defect it could be. I'm done with Kluft and will purchase a mattress from a more reputable manufacturer. I'm also done with Mor Furniture - they need to use better suppliers.

By: Anonymous on July 2, 2012
Official Response

By Lilly Menzell on January 10, 2013 — We understand that you are unhappy with the mattress set you purchased and We are more than willing to work within the guidelines of the manufacturer's warranty to service your concerns.Upon your approval, we can make arrangements to have your sleep set inspected for any manufacturer defects. If the product is found defective under the guidelines of our warranty it will be repaired or replaced at our option. (see aireloom.com click warranty tab) Please feel free to contact our customer service department if you would like to proceed with an inspection.

I also purchased a Kluft Biltmore Lusetop-Ultra Plush on 2/26/13 From Art Van's Furniture bed specialists store. I bought the bed for the comfort, the organic cotton, no chemicals and the warranty that I was told that if the bed ever sagged that my warranty covered it, that Kluft would replace it...
How can any bed loose support in FIVE DAYS,,so much that it was hurting my back ???. The first one I received had some small holes in the lining so Art Van's sent out a brand new bed. The biggest mistake of my life. I had the first bed for 5 days, and slept better than I ever did on any bed.No matter where I lied on it, middle both sides it was all even and it was so comfortable it made me want to fall asleep,, its like it pulled me in and wanted to sleep. I have extreme insomnia and fibromyalgia. My first bed was extremely comfortable and every night I slept without pain, and without insomnia. I am a very small woman 114 lbs. Five feet 1 inches tall. When I got the replacement bed it was like night and day, I couldn't sleep at all.. I kept trying it for 5 days and when I called Art Vans on the 5th day after having 3 &1/2 hours of sleep the night before I was told that it was normal.I had to give it time to break in..I was told I had to have a service person come out and evaluate the bed... they replaced no questions asked due to some holes,, but now that I am in pain and not sleeping I have to trust some person with a string come out and tell me its normal to have a king size bed with A HILL IN THE MIDDLE !!! AND NORMAL TO HAVE IT SAG IN 5 DAYS !!!I had to wait two weeks for a service person to get to me and by now the sag is so bad its unbearable. I am extremely disgusted for the amount of money I paid, to have some guy come over and pull a string across the top to for measurements,,, DIDN'T PROOVE A THING,,I lied on it to show him how much I was slanting,,, HE TELLS ME ITS NORMAL !!!! OMG THIS IS NORMAL ??? I sure wish someone would have told me that when I bought the bed I would have never spent this amount of money to be told the life expectancy for comfort was five days! I sure would like to have Someone from Kluft call me,, I think they should know the retailer that sold this to me mis represented its quality, and the warranty

By: Anonymous on March 21, 2013
Official Response

By Linda Menzel from Aireloom Bedding on March 21, 2013 — We are sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction with the Aireloom product you purchased from Art Van. As the manufacturer, we provide a warranty and clearly state what is covered so there are no suprises. (To see our warranty go to http://www.Aireloom.com, click on warranty) Please contact our warranty department at 909-373-4211 to discuss your concerns.

I shouldn't be surprised by some of the comments as people tend to leave feedback usually when there's something wrong. I bought a Kluft and it was excellent. Sagging is something that every mattress suffers, no matter how expensive it is. The Royal Soverign I bought was an Oxford, and I've never had as much support and pressure relief on a mattress. Kluft/Aireloom is the highest rated mattress in the market for a reason, and there is no denying that they actually do use the best materials like that natural latex, wool, and cotton. Problems always arise for any product, and I would just recommend you purchase from a retailer with good customer service. I had the worst luck with my Lexus at one point, but I'm not going to claim that the car is trash. Just a couple faulty models, but I'm glad they were willing to work with me. To escape from sagging its important to get a mattress that is made from latex and natural materials like cotton and wool. I would say looking at the specs is important in determining how much of that foam/sagging prone material is in that mattress, because even Aireloom and Kluft have a few cheaper models that have lots of foam. I picked mine specifically because it had great support and didn't have much memory foam as another Kluft I was looking at as well as the Aireloom collection I saw at Macy's. Its going to be more expensive but at that point I had bought so many memory foam mattresses from Simmons Black Pearl Collection to tempurpedic, and even sleep number. I had to use my warranty to essentially tell them I wanted my money back. It was a hassle!!! But buying from a retailer with customer service, like Bloomingdale's and even Macy's is actually very helpful! If you return a mattress with them, it actually hurts that sales associate, so they try to help their customers as best they can!

By: Anonymous on March 12, 2015

This is a follow up on the Kluft mattress. We were able to return it to Bloomingdales less a substantial restocking fee of $350 which was never stated other than a guarantee to exchange or get a refund. The fine materials used in the Kluft mattress is wonderful only if the product holds up. Having cotton, hand tied, latex, wool, doesn't make a difference if the product itself doesn't hold up or support. Having a lump after 3 weeks of use is NOT acceptable as that would only get worse. SAGGING on a mattress is not acceptable, especially within the first 30 days. Hotels don't change their mattresses every 30 days. I had a "Chiropractic" brand mattress (they do not make them anymore). I had the mattress for 30 years! I got it in college, it became a guest room bed, followed by my daughter which we just recently got rid of because it finally started to sag. Chiropractic brand probably is out of business because they made such an outstanding product that consumers didn't have to switch out their mattresses every 6-8 years (built in functional obsolescence). I recently purchased a Sherwood mattress, extra firm about a month ago, and guess what...no lumps in the middle. So far so good. I now have a Shifman for me and it doesn't have near the problems the Kluft mattress had.

By: Debbie E of Los Angeles, CA on July 16, 2015

Having the same issues I call it Sink Hole!!! Rethinking about Kluft they are Not consistent sadly I had two that did that!!

By: Anonymous on April 9, 2016

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