Warranty not backed by company and not all exceptions listed

Our Warranty was LT ("For as long as Kingsdown product is owned by original purchaser") At the time it was bought it was excellent but it started sagging across the middle. We called Levins Brass Beds where we purchasd it and an independent person was sent by Kingsdown. He measured the sagging of the bed and it was "jus"t at the acceptable level. (Meaning there WAS SAGGING) So NOTHING was done. "LIFETIME TO ORIGINAL OWNE"R evidently does not apply NOW. If it was just at the ACCEPTABLE SAGGING LEVEL you can imagine what we have now. And we turned and flipped the mattress every three (3) months as stated in the brochure that came with it. The independent person also told us that if there was even one spot on the mattress Kingsdown would do nothing/not accept it back. So when it's time to buy a mattress go with another brand!! Kingsdown does not stand behind their product or THEIR WRITTEN WORD I am so unhappy with this bed but KINGSDOWN does not stand behind it's word .I called after we had slept in it for a while because you could see the body form when the bedspread was on the bed which made it look like a cheap and it WAS NOT CHEAP. The lady that sold it to us said that was normal. I highly suggest you buy from another company if the company (my was Levin's Brass Beds) does not stand behind it's bed. If they sell it, they should be the ones you have to deal with not Kingsdown if something happens to it. Also when it was delivered the guys had a very sharp turn after they got it upstairs and they could have damaged it but this independent person sent out said that was highly unlikely...he doesn't have to sleep on this mattress. It's been 13 years and LT -( For as long as Kingsdown product is owned by the original purchaser) mean nothing to Kingsdown. And if you have the choice, don't buy one you have to flip and turn every three months. They won't even let you rate the warranty in the PROS and CONS in the above.Doesn't allow it to SHOW UP!!

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Poor Back Support

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Poor Pressure Relief

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Excellent "Coolness"


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Much too soft