Worst buy I ever made, it was a $ 8,000.00 mistake.

Don't trust the in store computer sleep surface diagnostic test. The printout said my wife needed a Med. Firm (Blue) I needed a Extra Firm (Red). Bob Mills could provide this dual surface requirement in multiple sizes, but none are kept in stock. We ordered a Cal. King with the surfaces listed on the store printout along with the other items required by the store to validate the factor warranty and the 90 day store sleep guarantee. After trying to sleeping on the mattress for several weeks it remains very uncomfortable for both me and my wife. Last week we when back to the Bob Mills store we bought it at to activate the store 90 days sleep guarantee. The sales manager told us that the guarantee didn't cover custom orders nor did they stand behind the surface diagnostic. Don't fall for their TV commercial where Bob Mills says "We got your back" it seems Bob only has your "back pocket" in mind.

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