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We purchased our first iSleep King bed approximately 18 years ago and loved it! I prefer my bed to be firm, my wife prefers softer. The mix of bed 'technologies' works great - providing adjustable firmness, very comfortable and luxurious feel while lying down. We slept more comfortably and more deeply - especially when compared to the inter mattress coil beds. Fast forward to about a year ago, one of the side walls of the mattress was becoming warn as I have a habit of reading in bed, but close to the edge so I can reach the nightstand. After all the years, it was still usable, but sagged a little bit so my wife and I decided to look for a new bed. We were so pleased originally with our first iSleep, that it was the first place we went to look for a new bed. They volunteered and reminded us we were still under our 20 year warrantee, no questions asked. They were extremely customer focused and very professional. They immediately made arrangements to ship us our replacement mattress and also asked if we needed assistance assembling once it arrived (We did originally use their service for set up years earlier - very professional installers - but I realized that it was VERY easy to put together). This time we said no to installation services and I assembled after the speedy shipping. Extremely easy to set up! Also impressed with the improvements they had made over the years (e.g. a single very small compressor to blow up the air portion of the mattress compared to the two larger compressors from our first unit). Great product, great and trustworthy customer service. Phenomenal value when compared to the bigger names you see in malls and in ads on TV. Do yourself a favor and investigate iSleep if your looking for a quality mattress from a quality company with quality customer service and warrantee. PS: I sleep with my iWatch at night & use an application called "Pillow". I am approaching 60 yrs in the next year and I am fortunate that my sleeping pattern is usually between 78% 84% - quality on the app. iSleep works!

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Excellent Back Support

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Excellent Pressure Relief

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Slightly better Sleep
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Adjustable Air

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Good "Coolness"


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Excellent Value
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Excellent Warranty Service

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Just right