Go ISleep! The chiro's choice

My wife and I are both chiropractors, I got an Isleep bed just before going to chiropractic college. It has been very nice to have a long term, supportive, and comfortable bed. The company is good to deal with. I have replaced both air chambers now, one lasted for 12 years, they replace at reduced cost for the parts, easy to install. One of my favorite things is the heated mattress pad, it has zones with the most intensity on the feet, and each side has a separate controller (especially handy this winter when my wife was pregnant). Just don't even think about memory foam, as a chiropractor, you've got to have proper support and the ISleep bed has it with the polymer coils inside the air chambers.

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    User also said: Polymer coil support inside adjustable air chamber, 3 zone heated mattress pad
      User also said: warranty becomes 50% reduced cost for replacements
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      Back Support

      User rated this bed:
      Good Back Support

      Pressure Relief

      User rated this bed:
      Excellent Pressure Relief

      Sleep Quality

      User rated this bed:
      Much better Sleep
      Previous mattress was:
      Innerspring / Traditional

      Stays "Cool"

      User rated this bed:
      Excellent "Coolness"


      User rated this bed:
      Good Value
      Price paid (approximate):
      $2,900 (Queen) Size

      Warranty Service

      User rated this bed:
      Good Warranty Service

      Softness Level

      User rated this bed:
      Just right