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Posted by Susy M from Cumming, GA on July 26, 2012

Last August 11th I helped my elderly aunt buy three Airsprung Brighton beds in Miami at a local store, Mattress1 One. The bed they had on the floor was really good and firm. I do not live in Miami and so wasn't there when they delivered the beds on the later part of August, however, I just came back from visiting her. The beds (one queen, two twins) are soft not like the one on the floor, and already out of shape with her queen size one sagging in the middle. I called the mattress store and was told that the Airsprung company went out of business. Finally after speaking with the manager was told to select other mattresses of equal value. At the time of purchase I was not told the company was going out of business, which I am not sure it's even true.

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Hi Susy, we are very sorry to hear about the experience you've had with this mattress.

To address one of your questions, it is indeed true that International Bedding (the company that previously made and distributed beds under the Airsprung name in the U.S.) did go out of business during that time period -- they discontinued operations in January 2012. Their financial struggles were not made public very far in advance of this date, so it is quite possible that the sales rep had no idea that this was even a possibility when you were sold the bed in August 2011.

In this light, it is encouraging to hear that Mattress One has offered you a replacement mattress. Ordinarily, this kind of thing would come at the manufacturer's expense, however in this case they must be doing it at their own expense, which indicates that they value their reputation and want to stand behind their products. Assuming you are pleased with the outcome, please come back and submit a store review for them so that others will know about the service they provided for you!

By: GoodBed Help of San Francisco, CA on September 1, 2012

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