Turns out all I needed was the right pillow

My back pain and stiffness was getting worse so I went mattress hunting. Read hundreds of reviews and tried dozens in stores. Against my philosophy of not buying something you can see and touch first, I went ahead and got the Luxury Firm Winkbed. The look and feel of it is very similar to a Stearns and Foster. Very luxurious and soft to the touch, but honestly once you put a protector and sheets on it, does that really matter? If you want to compare support, either Stearns and Foster medium or for a less expensive mattress, the Sealy Posturepedic Eurotop medium is an exact duplicate in support feel. I will say that when I laid on the Sealy Eurotop Firm, my back felt better supported. Not sure if the Winkbed Firm will match the feel of the Sealy, but I am thinking of switching to the Firm or returning it and saving money by buying the Sealy. After more than a week sleeping on the Winkbed, my pain was reduced by maybe 5%. I got an adjustable base and slept on my back in zero gravity. Maybe another 5% better in back pain. So now I am in over $2500 for just 10% less pain. After trying several pillows, I tried the Spine Align for $150. Immediate 80% less pain. So if you have back pain, sleep on your back and are thinking of a Winkbed, consider going with the Firm version. Also go check out the Sealy Pillowtop and DEFINITELY try the Spine Align pillow.

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