From the time we bought it, our WinkBed mattress very qui...

From the time we bought it, our WinkBed mattress very quickly developed grooves in the places where my husband and I sleep. We are not heavy people: I weigh under 120 pounds and my husband weighs under 170 pounds. The bed developed these grooves - visible even when the bed is made up with sheets and a comforter - despite the fact that we flip the mattress regularly as instructed. When I contacted WinkBed customer support, and sent pictures of the grooves along with measurements of their depth, I was told that the grooves aren't deep enough for WinkBed to replace the bed. Although the bed is very comfortable, I won't buy a WinkBed again because of the groove problem.

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User also said: It's comfortable.
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User also said: The mattress develops visible grooves in the spots where we sleep.
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