Softer than most latex mattresses, but false advertising

I purchased the EcoCloud Hybrid because they advertise it to be, “100% All-Natural, Absolutely no synthetic foams, fibers, fillers, glues or dyes.” “ No chemicals, sprays or synthetic materials are used ever”. This is important to me because I have chemical sensitivities & asthma. I have known reactions to adhesives, no matter how eco-friendly they claim to be. After unboxing it, I noticed my asthma started acting up fairly quickly & had difficulty breathing around it, which is odd for me around a natural mattress. So I checked the law tag. The law tag states it is made of 93% latex, 3% cotton, 3% rayon, & 1% resin pad. Both the rayon & resin adhesive pad are synthetic, which does not agree with the advertising. Wool is supposed to be the fire barrier, but apparently there is not enough wool in the mattress to even make it on the law tag. Rayon I can usually deal with, but the resin adhesive pad is different, because no matter how natural someone tries to claim that it is, nothing comes out of nature in that form for that application. It is always chemically processed in one way or another & will always off gas a certain amount of VOCs. I cannot tolerate adhesives. I get asthma attacks, headaches, & so on. But the mattress was here, so I decided to try airing it out to see if it would improve. It did not. Two weeks of leaving my window open everyday in the middle of winter & I was still getting asthma attacks around the mattress. I thought I would try contacting customer service to see if I could return it earlier than the 30 days because of the health issue. No, you cannot. I was prepared for that. But what I wasn’t prepared for was the CS rep telling me that my body simply needed to adjust to the mattress & to continue sleeping on it, even though I could not breathe on it. He was incredibly unhelpful & said I needed to give their mattress a fair try, which I was surprised about since the nature of the problem could open them up to liability. I don’t feel this company is a standup company or trustworthy.

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User also said: Softer than most latex hybrids
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User also said: Greenwashing, difficult customer service, felt pain in hips for sidesleeping
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