A warm summers night sleeping on a field of cotton.

I was looking for a mattress that would last and that was crafted from all natural products. After weeks of researching many brands of mattresses. I came upon Vi-spring. I have to say, I was more then a little sticker shocked. Started asking questions... why was this mattress so much more? What was so special and what made it different? I soon had all the information and was very happy it fit everything I was seeking and more. Natural fabric, no latex or foam rubber and hand crafted to boot! One report I read said: Vi-spring mattress was cut open after 70+ years and was still like new and no bed bugs where found. Next mission was to find a Vi-spring within my budget range above their entry level mattress. ( Vi-springs entry level are still a very, very well made mattress) However, I was seeking a thicker mattress with more wool and double springs. Finally, I narrowed it down to Vi-spring Tiara Superb and the Vi-spring Limited Edition Europa. Final choice was the Europa Limited Edition. Due to the fact it exclusive natural fillings: Platinum Certified real Shetland wool and cotton. I have now owned my mattress 3+ years and it is like brand new still. My rest has never been more peaceful. There was no getting used to it or breaking it in, like some mattress companies say. It is made to cradle your body from head to toe. No sore spots or stiff back & neck. Very easy to get in and out of bed. I am a very hot sleeper and I find it keeps me from over heating.The only drawback I find after a few days on holiday sleeping in hotels or friends beds is that I miss my bed! I also feel it is worth the money if you have the extra to spend! Vi-spring mattresses are mostly made to order. However, you may find a floor sample on sale if you search long enough.

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User also said: Best sleep ever. Truly the last mattress you will ever need!
    User also said: Can’t take it with you on vacation!
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    Excellent Back Support

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    Excellent Pressure Relief

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    Much better Sleep
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    Just right