Feelt like I got hit by a truck, warranty walk around

I purchased the mattress and it arrives on May 8th of this year. I was in incredible pain for the first month using the mattress. It is recommended to try sleeping on the mattress for a few weeks before really forming your opinion of it, since memory foam is something your body needs to adjust to. After the first month the pain had subsided somewhat, but twice a week I would wake up feeling like I got hit by a truck. Around two and a half months, very close to the trial expiration, and having talked to my partner, we decided to go the path of returning the mattress. The return went hellish, you have to donate the mattress, not a big deal, unless no donation centers accept used mattresses, due to bed bug problems. Next option I tried was a recycling center, they would not accept the mattress either. After I could not personally find and organizations to donate to, they tried to find one. Well, that was zero help, and they were not able to find one either. They provide me with my last option, donate it to the needy someone on hard times or maybe a local policing, or fire precinct. My decision was to find someone that was in need, which took a hot second. I had emailed them a good bit in the beginning of figuring out the situation, then once I was searching for a party to donate to I had lost contact for about twenty days. Today I reached out to them to make sure that I was still within the return period. They put me on hold for about ten minutes and get back to me saying that I was out of the period. Now, about the return period, I asked how long ago did the trial end. They said twenty-six days ago. Then I proceeded to ask when my last date of contact with them was, it was twenty days ago. They were going to let me donate an, after taxes, almost $1,200 mattress, for free and never refund my money. Would not recommend buying this mattress. If you are not happy you have to do too much stuff to get rid of it, and they are nearly helpless in the situation.

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    User also said: There is a 100 day trial period, that did not help me out.
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    User also said: It has zero support, the trial period gets you if you try to really give their product a good try
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    Back Support

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    Very Poor Back Support

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    Poor Pressure Relief

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    Much worse Sleep
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    Stays "Cool"

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    Fair "Coolness"


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    Very poor Value
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    $1,200 (Queen) Size

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    Fair Warranty Service

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    Much too soft