One Casper mattress last year has led to five now!

My wife and I needed to replace a mattress at our beach house and thought we'd try out a queen sized Casper mattress, thinking that if we didn't like it, we could always send it back. We talked with Elissa from Casper via telephone and she could not have been more personable or pleasant to work with and made our whole experience extremely easy! The mattress arrived within a few days and was easy to set up as we used our previous box spring as a foundation. After the first nights sleep, we were in love! Both of us slept very soundly and our dog did not want to get off of the bed in the morning! We immediately knew that we needed to replace our king sized mattress at our home with a Casper as well, and with another phone call to Elissa, that was easily taken care of. Early this year after one of our sons moved out of our house and took his bedroom furniture with him, we needed to replace his bed. My wife and I knew immediately that there would be no question as to the mattress! We called Elissa and she had all of our shipping and billing information easily at hand and remained just as sweet and pleasant to work with as with our first call AND she remembered working with us! After realizing that we also needed to replace another mattress at our beach house prior to this year's rental season, we ordered another king sized mattress from Casper but needed to delay it's delivery for a week until we would be there to accept it. No problem! Elissa was happy to comply and simply asked us what day we wanted it to arrive and made it happen. After installing that bed, my wife said "we need one in the bedroom that we sleep in here as well!" So.... we have now bought five Casper mattresses in the course of one year between our own home and the beach house that we rent out in the Outer Banks of North Carolina! Our rental agency that handles our beach house is excited to advertise that we have new Casper mattresses for our renters to sleep on, as they say that they always receive positive reviews on them!

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User also said: Wonderful sleep experience! Easy and convenient with flexible delivery dates! Awesome employees!
    User also said: Just wish that Casper made Bed Furniture! Zinus platform beds work great with the Casper mattress.
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    Excellent Back Support

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    Excellent Pressure Relief

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    Much better Sleep
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    Innerspring / Traditional

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    Excellent "Coolness"


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    Excellent Value
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    Just right