Underwhelmed By Quality Control Issues

First the good news, Casper customer service is excellent. They respond to problems and have replaced items as necessary but, it's become obvious to me, they cannot deliver on the promotion. I've purchased 2 mattresses; a dog bed,pillows, sheets and a down comforter. One mattress is in the guest room - so who knows? It looks fine. Two pillows have been replaced because the outer-pillow fill or stuffing just balls into the corners. Pillows are terrible. Sheets and comforter - excellent. My 85 pound dog was able to crush and compress the side of the dog bed within a few weeks. The dog bed was replaced. And now my "wave" mattress. It was terrific for 6 months and now is suffering from the "coffin" look. You know, your body shape impression is visible all the time. Just not acceptable to me. I loved the idea of having the bed shipped, no hassles, but honestly, just dealing with moderate quality products is a hassle at this point. Casper has asked me to write a review. I don't have an "axe to grind" with them. I would recommend Casper to someone on a budget who has the time and patience to deal with the problems if they occur. If you are busy and time starved these products just add overhead when they require customer care. I don't believe that the Casper products in general live up to the advertising promotion. In fairness, I want to recognize they have been easy to deal with supporting the issues when I have contacted them. I'm just tired of contacting them.

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