The BEST mattress I have ever owned!!!!

I first got a single size Casper for my 89-year-old father with rheumatoid arthritis. I knew he would be a critical judge and wouldn’t hesitate to complain if this mattress was uncomfortable in the least. So the next day I was shocked when he said this is the best mattress he has ever had!! I waited a few weeks before getting our king mattress in case the newness wore off. Six months later my brothers are getting tired Of hearing my dad still rave about this mattress and urging them to buy one for themselves! Both my husband and I are amazed at how fantastic this mattress is. We’ve loved it from our first night. I used to wake up stiff and achy which i attributed to just getting older. Since owning this mattress I get out of bed with no stiffness, no soreness, no limping. My husband has had the same experience. In fact, if we have any aches or pains during the day we lie on our Casper mattress And We get up feeling better and the ache is gone. I am totally serious. I am not exaggerating. I can’t praise this mattress enough. I will never own another type of mattress. It was so convenient to order, it came in the mail, easy to put on the bed. We just used our old box springs instead of buying their base and that has worked fine. Bought their base for my dad and that was fine also.

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User also said: Not a hot sleep like some mattresses.
    User also said: Most figure out a way to get rid of your old mattress
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    Excellent Back Support

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    Excellent Pressure Relief

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    Much better Sleep
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    Innerspring / Traditional

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    Excellent "Coolness"


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    Excellent Value
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    Not Rated

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    Just right