I was a little unsure about a total memory foam mattress ...

I was a little unsure about a total memory foam mattress since I’ve always slept on a traditional innerspring mattress but had added a memory foam topper for the last few years. My husband had worn a groove in his side on our previous mattress despite turning the mattress. We tried several traditional mattresses in a mattress store but were not satisfied with the feel. Since my husband was nearly a hundred pounds heavier and we both had liked firmer mattresses we weren’t sure about the Casper as a solution. However with the recommendation of a friend and a hundred-day free trial we took the plunge. I’m happy to report success. My husband no longer uses his sleep apnea machine (nor does he need it) and my kyphosis and osteoporosis don’ttrouble me as in the past. I look forward to bedtime and can stay in bed longer for some prized reading time in the mornings. Before I had to rise early to work out the kinks sleeping brought. One hip no longer troubles me and the other rests pretty well for shorter sleeping times on that side. My neck and shoulders no longer require a special additional pillow. We are pleased with our Casper and have recommended Casper to friends and family. It is good quality for a good price and delivery without deliverymen allowed us to set it up on our schedule. Go Casper! We intend to stick with you for future purchases! If forced to add a con I’d report that it sleeps a bit warm. On a king I can shift to a cool spot with ease. For much of the year a bed that is cozy within minutes is a plus. So even my con has a positive outcome — cooler sleep is only inches away!

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Back Support

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Good Back Support

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Good Pressure Relief

Sleep Quality

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Much better Sleep
Previous mattress was:
Innerspring / Traditional

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Good "Coolness"


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Excellent Value
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Not Rated

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Just right